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Time to register for the 2014 Perfect Game season. Click on the plus sign above and began the process. Thank you and lets have a great season. Registration fee is $125.00. After you have Registered on UMPNATION, next step The UMPNATION code on referee schedule is KH8NGAJQ Fill in contact information compleatly. Thanks Glenn
If you have any questions contact Glenn Carnes at or 239-229-7246

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Our PG tournaments begin the first week in April with the PG high school showdown, May 23rd in both Florida and Arizona the WWBA Memorial day Tournaments, and June 5th the WWBA starts in Georgia.

We are slated to have over 4000 games in the Atlanta area, over 3500 in Florida this year and another 1500 in Arizona.

We are excited to announce that our Web Site is officially up and running.

Our game assignment program is now operational and assignments will be going out soon.

Please be aware that we are trying to expedite and ease the process on registration and membership in Ump Nation so you will need to have your fees paid and forms completed online before May 15th in Arizona, Florida. Umpires planning to work in Atlanta will be required to have their registration done by June 1st. You will not receive assignments until all documentation is complete and all fees paid.  

Do you want to Umpire in other National PG events? Please send Glenn an e-mail with your event you wish to umpire out of your Local Area.

Glenn Carnes

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