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Fellow umpires we will be having our yearly Mandatory Georgia summer kick off meeting June 1st, at Etowah H.S. 6565 Putnam Ford Dr. Woodstock, GA 6pm till 9pm. Please make your plans to be there. Thank you Glenn Carnes

Wood bat rule change; We are changing the the rule regarding bat restrictions for all of our wood bat events.  The rule will be stated on the website as; Wood bat only. Bats must be composed of a single piece of wood with the exception of the composite wood bats attached on the bat restriction page of the tournament rules. The easiest explanation of this change is that we are going to allow Baum Bats and Rawlings Composite wood bats.  All other bats must be composed of a single piece of wood.  The list may be updated further in the future.

 We are also going to change what the ruling is on using an illegal bat.  If a batter steps in the box with an illegal bat and the umpire sees the illegal equipment, that player will be called out.  If the player uses an illegal bat, was not seen by the umpire, and the other team protests; the result of the play will be an out. 

Thank you for your commitment and dedication. Umpiring at any level is about a commitment to growth in every game you work. Please make a commitment to becoming the best umpire you can possibly be, every time you walk on a field. Remember every game is important to the participant's. Please be professional in all aspects your job. Lets have a great 2016!Thanks Again!  

Welcome To Umpnation

Tuesday, December 08, 2015
UmpNation is the exclusive provider of umpires for Perfect Game, the largest independent scouting organization in the world. Perfect Game tournaments are played across the nation and the level of play is nationally recognized as the best at the high school level. If you truly love umpiring, this the place your hard work and professionalism is expected and rewarded. In 2015, five UmpNation umpires were invited by MLB Umpire Camps(see video below) Identification camp held in Ft Myers Florida. We are committed to improving umpiring from coast to coast and helping you achieve your goals. UmpNation is truly national organization with local commitments. Join us and be a part of something special!
To join, click on become a member and begin the process. After you have registered on UMPNATION.COM, next step Click booking on home page. The UMPNATION code on referee schedule is KH8NGAJQ. Fill in contact information and edit contact information to include cell phone set up for text messaging. Thank You and please always remember to be professional at all times. 

Do you want to Umpire in other National PG events? Please send Glenn an e-mail with your event you wish to umpire out of your Local Area. 

Glenn Carnes

■ Official Umpire Training Provider of Perfect Game and UmpNationTuesday, May 17, 2016 The Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy was created by Minor League Baseball and is a natural extension of our efforts to expand and enhance umpire training at all levels. We have tabbed members of Minor League Baseball Umpire Development to drive the curriculum and instruction. This provides our students the one-of-a-kind opportunity to accelerate their development through Minor League Baseball Umpire Development’s unique knowledge and experience in training all Minor League Baseball   Read ►

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